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WASHINGTON DC, – A woman muslim got discrimination when he bought drinks at the Target store Starbucks in the Minnesota region, United States of America (AS).

The barista at the liquor store wrote ” ISIS“in the cup of his drink instead of writing down the woman’s name.

Aishah, the Muslim woman’s name, filed a lawsuit with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights on Monday (6/7/2020).

He filed a complaint through the American-Islamic Relations Council (CAIR-MN).

The veiled woman feels excluded from belief religion which he adopted after seeing the words “ISIS” on his plastic cup after he ordered a drink.

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“When I saw it, I was overwhelmed by feelings of emotion. I felt slighted and humiliated,” Aishah said. CNN, Wednesday (07/08/2020).

“This is a word that destroys the reputation of Muslims around the world. I don’t believe that in this day and age, something like this (discrimination) is considered acceptable,” continued Aishah.

The incident occurred at Paul-Midway Target Starbucks on the 1st of July. During the incident, he wore a mask because the corona outbreak was still rife.

“When he asked for my name, I said it over and over again slowly. He would not have heard ISIS,” said Aishah.

Barista, who served Aishah, claimed that she could not hear Aishah’s name clearly.

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After asking to speak with his superiors, the barista then gave Aishah a new drink and gave voucher worth 25 US dollars or Rp 360,875.

After that incident, Aishah immediately filed an official complaint with Target Starbucks. But Target Starbucks did not immediately respond to Aishah’s complaints.

CAIR-MN then called to fire Target Starbucks employees involved in the incident.

Starbucks Target spokesperson gave a statement by electronic mail to CNN which contains an apology for the incident.

“We welcome, respect and respect all those who shop with us. We strictly prohibit discrimination and harassment in any form,” the statement said.

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The statement added it would investigate the issue.

Meanwhile Starbucks refused to comment on the incident.

A Starbucks spokesman said that Starbucks is located within Target, meaning that it is fully run and operated by Target.

CAIR-MN Executive Director, Jaylani Hussein, said labeling a Muslim as “ISIS” is the most Islamophobic statement.

He also regretted the statement that came out of Target Starbucks.

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“Now we see a big issue rather than a misunderstanding. All elements of the company apologize without taking action,” Hussein said.

Hussein said CAIR-MN has also asked Target Starbucks to conduct a thorough investigation.



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