By shutout and unanimous decision, Caleb Plant defeated Caleb Truax

Caleb Plant won all rounds on all cards defeating by shutout and by comfortable unanimous decision Caleb Truax Saturday night in Los Angeles. With his triple card win of 120-108, Plant performed successfully the third defense of the super middleweight world championship FIB.

It was a smooth fight for Caleb Plant that he comfortably dominated his rival through the polite use of a quick and accurate left hand. He tucked it neatly all night on the face of Caleb Truax which ended up with a bloody nose. So active was the left hand of Plant, who ended the match with her injured and inflamed, although the degree of the injury is unknown.

Neither fighter was injured at any point during the fight. Truax was a brave and dignified fighter, but limited by the technical acuity of Plant. At times, Truax he raged and sporadically put his hands sharply on Plant, but the champion assimilated them without major problem.

Plant showed boxing at half throttle. He changed pace and speeds only when strictly necessary. He jabbed at medium speed over and over again, to get used to Truax at that speed, and suddenly the pace varied, climbing up to sixth gear to release the left with liveliness and precision. This was how he punished the challenger’s face all night.

Although it was a one-sided night, among the weaknesses it showed Plant there was the fact that he ate more blows than necessary. They were hands that entered the champion’s face clean. Plant assimilated them without any problem because they came from Caleb Truax, a fighter with just 19 knockouts in 31 wins. However, if those clean shots come from a fighter with a higher punch, Plant you might encounter problems. Yes Plant He had a reputation for being a solvent fighter on defense, that virtue didn’t show up tonight in Los Angeles.

So, Caleb Plant he took the victory comfortably, thanks to the fact that the startles were weak. The champion himself had said in the previous one that by complying with a mandatory fight as it was Caleb Truax, he fought all his obligations before the FIB, and received a free hand to choose rivals in the remainder of the year.

That with the clear objective of facing Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in the second half of the year in a unifying fight, if the Mexican comes out well off his fights against Avni Yildirim in February, and most likely before Billy Joe Saunders in May. To win those two matches, the Canelo would arrive with three of the four world title belts at 168 pounds, and Plant would have the other. It would then be the final fight to find the undisputed champion of the super middleweight.

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