BYD confirms three new electric cars in Brazil, with the cheapest model in the category

BYD has confirmed in recent days the launch of three new electric cars in Brazil. The expectation is that one of them – the Seagull – will become the cheapest electric model in the country.

The vehicle is expected to arrive in 2024, between R$ 120,000 and R$ 130,000. The tendency is for it to displace the Jac E-JS1, with a value that reaches R$ 145,990. The compact will have a 75 hp engine and a 30.7 kWh battery, with a range of approximately 300 km.

Another scheduled to land on the national market is the Dolphin, scheduled for May this year, with a cost that should be around R$ 180 thousand. It is slightly larger than a Hyundai HB20, with a wheelbase similar to a Toyota Corolla.

The Dolphin is already sold in China in two versions, which differ in terms of engines and batteries. One of them – the one that should arrive in Brazil – has an electric generator that unites 95 hp and 18.3 kgfm, with a capacity of 30.7 kWh and autonomy for 300 km. The other reaches 176 hp and 29.6 kgfm, in addition to the 44.9 kWh battery and duration of 400 km.

To complete the trio, the Seal sedan will also arrive in Brazil in the second half of 2023. This should cost around R$ 400,000, with the promise of being the electric car with the greatest autonomy in the country – in order to displace the BMW iX50, which registers 528 km on a charge.

It is worth remembering that BYD is close to finalizing the purchase of the Ford factory in Camaçari, Bahia, which will allow the automaker to manufacture its vehicles in national territory.

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