bye bye Internet Explorer, roaming in the EU and quality at Tesla

Topics this week: why Japan is freaking out over the end of Internet Explorer, our review of the Ray, a low-cost Sonos soundbar, the EU extending mobile roaming agreements, and the build quality of electric cars which would have dropped significantly in 2021 (especially at Tesla).

The end of Internet Explorer is panicking Japan


Government agencies, financial institutions, industrial companies… in Japan the end of Internet Explorer does not only make people happy. The country has in fact been very poorly prepared for the disappearance of the browser: many websites and online tools rely on its functionalities – which are nevertheless considered obsolete. The intranet of many Japanese companies, in particular, still requires Internet Explorer 2022. A rapid transition that is causing some disorganization in certain structures.

What is the Sonos Ray, sound bar at a low price?

test sonos ray sontest sonos ray son

The Sonos Ray is an amazing soundbar offered around 300 euros. But do we find all the know-how and the quality of sound reproduction associated with the brand? According to our test of the Sonos Ray, the sound is there as well as the ease of use. We invite you to discover everything we thought of one of the best soundbars for small living rooms in 2022.

What does the extension of mobile roaming agreements mean in Europe?

Mobile phone planMobile phone plan

It is now official: This Friday, the EU extended “roaming like home” until 2032. This rule allows Europeans to use their mobile plan in all EU countries as if they were in their own country. Good news for smartphone owners, because as Margrete Vestager points out, this means above all that “consumers will be able to continue to enjoy free roaming services for the next ten years” throughout the territory of the union. We offer you to decipher this ad in our full point.

Study finds sharp decline in build quality of electric cars in 2021

Tesla Gigafactory BerlinTesla Gigafactory Berlin

A study by JD Power shows that the manufacturing quality of electric cars fell sharply in 2021. The reason: the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic which seized up the supply chain and forced manufacturers to deliver sometimes incomplete vehicles. However, the situation is not the same for all manufacturers. At the bottom of the ranking, we find names like Tesla and Polestar whose latest vehicles would accumulate problems.

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