Cachete Sierra is the first finalist of Cantando 2020: he defeated Tyago Griffo, Gladys, la Bomba Tucumana, and Lissa Vera by the public vote

Cachete Sierra and Inbal Comedi is the first finalist couple of the Singing 2020. It was imposed by the vote of the people, with 58 percent of the votes before the trio that ended up conforming between Tyago Griffo, Glayds la Bomba Tucumana and Lissa Vera, which got 42%.

In the first challenge the jury saw a draw, so both Cachete Sierra and Inbal Comedi as Tyago Griffo and Lissa Vera (plus Gladys, the Tucuman Bomb) added a point.

In the second performance, with the return of La Bomba Tucumana to the track, Tyago Griffo and the artist prevailed and won the duel: 2-1.

Tyago Griffo shone on the Singing track.

The jury also favored Tyago Griffo-Lissa Vera in the third round of songs and the score was 3-1. And in the last, the Cachete Sierra couple did not have a chance: the jury of the Singing He leaned back to Tyago Griffo and La Bomba Tucumana.

The public vote, worth 4 points, gave victory to Cachete Sierra.

This Thursday the other finalist will be known: Rodrigo Tapari and Rocío Quiroz will be measured with Brian Lanzelotta and Angela Leiva.


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