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Two months from 2021 general elections, four candidates for the presidency of the Republic debated and presented their main government proposals regarding health and pandemic, education and social policy during the first day of the electoral block of the CADE Executives. Participated George Forsyth (National Victory), Keiko Fujimori (Popular Force), Veronika Mendoza (Together for Peru) and Julio Guzman (Purple Party).

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The candidates for the Government Palace presented their proposals regarding the social axis: Opportunities for all, divided into health and pandemic; education and social policy. The meeting was moderated by Ariana Lira, journalist for El Comercio, and Augusto Townsend, founder and chief curator of the Reading Committee.

George Forsyth, National Victory

“I propose to end the ‘samecracy’, which prevents political renewal. […] I have experience to work in a team ”.

1.- Health and the pandemic

Private sector intervention in the vaccination process, but not for profit.

Forstyh assured that upon reaching the Palace “we will repeat what was done well against the Coastal Child”, such as activating the Emergency Operations Center (COE) to collaborate with the vaccination process against COVID-19. In addition, he considered it necessary to rely on the private sector to vaccinate all Peruvians. “We cannot leave everything in the hands of the state, which has shown that it is inefficient and unfortunately corrupt.” He was in favor of private companies buying vaccines, but “without profit.”

2.- Education

Implement the Serums for all races.

He affirmed that his possible government “will open the doors of the Armed Forces” to give technical courses “to the NEETs”, in reference to young people who neither study nor work. In addition, he said that he will allocate 6% of GDP to education and will implement the marginal Rural and Urban Service (Serums) for all careers, not only for those in the health sector. He also offered to provide resources to families so that children and adolescents can study with internet access and good infrastructure.

3.- Social Policy

“By 2026 there will be no families without access to drinking water.”

He recalled that millions of Peruvians have fallen into poverty due to the pandemic, and assured that if he reaches the Palace, he will work to reduce the rates of poverty and extreme poverty to “from 32% to 15%” and “from 10% to 3%. ”, Respectively. In addition, it announced that it would implement the ‘Agua Perú’ program to promote the construction of potable water reservoirs and connections. With this, he said, in 2026 there will be no families without access to drinking water. Finally, he promised to repower existing social programs.

Keiko Fujimori, Popular Force

“To the health and economic threats, another is added: the political threat […] The radical left and populism ”.

1.- Health and pandemic

The best way to save lives is to summon private companies.

Fujimori asserted that, upon reaching the government, all Peruvians will have been vaccinated before the end of 2021. To do this, he announced that he will promote an alliance between the State and the private sector. “I do not have any ideological trauma to understand that the best way to save lives is to summon private companies,” he said. Such a measure, he affirmed, would not be made by the left or by populist sectors due to their “political blindness”. He also proposed reforming the health system and investing in scientific research and productive innovation.

2.- Education

Student financing program for schoolchildren and university students.

He assured that his government will deliver “two schools per day.” “Just as the government of Alberto Fujimori was able to build more than 3,000 schools, I will build and deliver 3,000 more schools to the poorest families,” he promised. For families of schoolchildren and university students, he proposed a financing program with a State guarantee fund. “We are going to respect Sunedu, we are going to strengthen it. Strengthen and respect their autonomy ”, he expressed.

3.- Social policy

Strong hand against the pandemic to rescue the family economy.

“My initial commitment is to reduce poverty rates to those existing before the pandemic, that is, to reduce from 30% to 20% in the first phase,” said the candidate. He pointed out that he will strengthen, in his eventual government, the programs of the glass of milk, the soup kitchens, the common zonal pots and social programs. He proposed “a more open quarantine” to take care of life and the economy at the same time. “A strong hand against the pandemic, to rescue the family economy. Also against the radical left and populism ”, he declared.

Verónika Mendoza, Together for Peru

“I reiterate my invitation to honest Peruvian businessmen to work together as strategic allies.” 1 Take control of all public and private resources to save lives.

1.- Health and the pandemic

He referred to ‘Vacunagate’ to propose “changing everything” with a new Constitution.

“It is essential to claim health as a right. I disagree with those who want to take advantage of the vaccine scandal to turn the vaccine into a business, “he said. He proposed knocking on the doors of all countries “without ideological biases.” He described as “immoral” that the state is “begging” for oxygen. He said that this could be obtained by applying the General Health Law, which allows “to take control of all public and private resources to save lives.”

2.- Education

Quality education guaranteed by the State, without debts to study.

He spoke out against educational credit and called for the State to guarantee quality education. “It is not fair that young people and families have to go into debt to study,” he said. He promised to increase the education budget to 6%, strengthen Sunedu, establish the Internet as a human right, provide stability for teachers, and create the ministry of innovation, science and technology. “Our children and young people are not deserters, it is the educational system that excludes them,” he said.

3.- Social policy

Redistribution of wealth with justice and equality, without corruption.

He argued that to get out of poverty a sovereign and transparent State is important, where “wealth is redistributed with justice and equality, not with corruption and rings.” He affirmed that, in an eventual government, he will deliver a third and fourth national universal bond; will support common pots and soup kitchens; It will implement cribs and nurseries “so that mothers can go out to work” and will promote agrobiodiversity for healthy eating.

Julio Guzmán, Purple Party

“Our political action is supported by republicanism, which unlike the left or the right is in force.”

1.- Health and pandemic

All Peruvians will be vaccinated by December 31.

Guzmán proposed declaring as a national priority the vaccination of all Peruvians until December 31 of this year. “These days, the privileged have been vaccinated while dozens of Peruvians died. We must regain people’s trust, ”he said. To do this, he assured that he will make adjustments to the vaccination process, create a ‘vaccine czar’ and a scientific committee. In addition, he said that if he reaches the government, he will summon students from the last years of health careers to support nurses in hospitals.

2.- Education

Beca 18 Program for orphans of frontline workers who died from COVID-19.

He promised to distribute tablets to schoolchildren throughout the country and create a program to provide Internet data to vulnerable populations. In addition, he said that he will add to the Beca 18 program the orphans of frontline workers who died in the fight against COVID-19. He also assured that he will strengthen the Superintendency of Higher Education (Sunedu), continue with the teacher reform and create headquarters in regions of universities such as San Marcos and UNI.

3.- Social policy

A massive temporary work program.

He noted that his government would create a temporary work program that hires unemployed people to improve the infrastructure of their neighborhoods. It also offered an agricultural bonus of 1,000 soles, universal agricultural insurance, and the creation of the Sierra Productiva program, which trains low-income people in drip irrigation techniques, raising guinea pigs and using improved seeds.

On Thursday, in the second day, the candidates will present on two axes, one of them the economic one referring to employment and income for Peruvians, generation of formal employment and business environment; and fiscal balance and macroeconomic fundamentals.

The second axis will be the institutional one. There the candidates will present their proposals regarding the state at the service of citizens, focused on corruption and public management and state efficiency.

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As explained in the guidelines for the selection of presidential candidates, the four presidential hopefuls with the highest voting intention were invited in the polls conducted by Datum, IEP and Ipsos until January 20, 2021.


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