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Noticeable: the 33 inch screen in front of the driver

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With the Lyric, GM’s luxury subsidiary Cadillac is attacking the electric SUVs: With a range of around 480 kilometers and autonomous driving functions, the heavy electric cruiser has Tesla’s Model X and the Audi e-tron in its sights.

Americans are rarely reluctant to use decorative words – especially when it comes to new products. Everything is “great” or awesome. So also the new electric SUV Lyriq: “Starting with the Lyriq, Cadillac will redefine American luxury over the next ten years,” trumpets GM’s North American boss Steve Carlisle. The self-confidence even goes so far that there is talk of a new industry standard, even if some of the functions that have already been presented in the “Super Cruise” technology package in other cars, such as the “automatic lane change on command” (Mercedes E-Class), where Cadillac immediately notes that the driver shouldn’t be holding anything.

Of course, the Lyriq also offers automated driving functions that are supposed to work on around 200,000 miles of suitable roads. So with restrictions. With the head-up display, Cadillac is using for the first time, in addition to the classic displays, an “augmented reality” in which the symbols and information appear to be projected onto the road in front of the driver. The Americans cut off a pane of Byton’s “Coast to Coast” monitor on the huge 33-inch screen in front of the driver. At the introduction, Cadillac employees raved about the “beautiful colors” that can be seen on the huge monitor. Nevertheless, we will probably see such monstrous displays in the future.

The Lyriq marks the beginning of a new Cadillac design language. The play of light on the large radiator grille should also make the Audi designers shine with joy. The monstrous SUV with its coupé-like roof line can definitely be seen. Basically, the Lyriq relies on the rear engine, if necessary a second electric motor on the front axle kicks in and pushes the SUV probably with more than 450 hp. In between is the huge 100 kilowatt-hour battery of the new Ultium platform, which, according to the enthusiastic Cadillac technicians, ensures a lower center of gravity and a stiffer body. Even things that you don’t hear for the first time on this side of the Atlantic. The cells of the batteries come from LG Chem and together with the Koreans GM wants to build a battery factory in Ohio to ensure the supply of the important components.

The range of the Lyriq should be around 480 kilometers and the axle load distribution of almost 50:50 helps when cornering. At a DC charging station, the batteries are filled with up to 150 kilowatts, and with level 2 DC charging, 19 kW are still possible. Both are very decent values, which of course can vary depending on the condition of the battery. In North America, Cadillac is entering into a partnership with EVgo to provide enough charging stations to combat range anxiety. By the year 2025, around 2,700 more charging stations are to be built. Inside the luxury cruiser, passengers lack nothing. Huge monitors on the backrests of the front seats serve as a private cinema room that is equipped with 19 speakers. There is also a lot of chrome, wood and leather.

When developing the Lyriq, the Cadillac managers listened very carefully to the customers, who made it clear that they were prepared not to pay a high premium for an electric vehicle. That should put the competitors in the USA under pressure.


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