call “for the release of the detainees of Hirak”

Lhe peaceful uprising of the Algerian people, in action since February 2019 for the conquest of their democratic freedoms, has shown wisdom and a high sense of responsibility by recommending the demonstrators to give up the marches, until then followed massively, to avoid the spread of the epidemic due to the coronavirus. Born to build a better future for the country, he acted in accordance with his objectives of freedoms and human rights, mindful of the country’s superior interests.

The actors and actresses of this uprising know that, in order to achieve their objectives, we must continue to mobilize peacefully to rule out a political system which, behind a civilian facade and manipulated elections, organizes the hold of the military command on political life. , economic and social.

Power struggles among leaders

Instead of following the path of wisdom and the high sense of responsibility shown by the actors of the uprising and of responding to their legitimate aspirations, the Algerian leaders, always concerned about their internal power struggles, are building up roadmaps filled with promises. aimed at safeguarding their own interests.

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To meet the popular aspirations expressed since February 2019, the way is in the opening of the political and media scenes, freed from the surveillance of the security services. It is in the commitment, through dialogue and negotiation with the Hirak actors, of a true democratic transition capable of ensuring a rule of law guaranteeing individual and collective freedoms.

This political reorientation of the Algerian leaders must go through the immediate release of all political prisoners or of opinion today incarcerated by submissive judges, with incriminations that have nothing to do with their fight for human rights and freedoms. democratic.

Two journalists sentenced

The two-year prison sentence of Khaled Drareni on September 15, 2020, as well as that of Abdelkrim Zeghileche on Monday, August 24, are the ultimate demonstration of this justice under orders. The sentences received by these two journalists, punished for having carried out their information work with honesty, responsibility and commitment, are the heaviest pronounced against journalists since the independence of Algeria.

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The struggle of the Algerian people for the conquest of their legitimate rights deserves the active solidarity of all women and men in love with justice and freedom. We show our solidarity in this fight and denounce the repressive policy led by the Algerian authorities towards the peaceful and responsible Hirak, which is a hope for citizen liberation and emancipation; demand the immediate and unconditional release of all journalists and all political and opinion detainees; let us alert the various international organizations to demand that the Algerian state respect all treaties and conventions for the defense of human rights ratified by Algeria; solemnly call on the Algerian Head of State to ensure that the rights and freedoms of citizens established by international conventions and duly ratified by Algeria are respected.

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