Calling Lesti Needs a Psychologist Due to Trauma, Poppy Amalia reveals behind her romance with Rizky Billar

PR TASIKMALAYA – Micro Expression Expert Poppy Amalia some time revealed that Ready Kejora have trauma past.

Even recently Poppy Amalia back in response to a video Ready Kejora and reveal other things.

According to the narrative Poppy Amalia that Ready Kejora itself has contact anxiety with Rizky Billiards.

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Even Ready Kejora himself admits that almost every activity Rizky Billiards he accompanies.

It relates to an anxiety or concern for Rizky Billiards.

However, even with what was done by Rizky Billiards the same as Ready Kejora.

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Poppy Amalia assume that the relationship has something in common trauma in the past.


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