Calm in the transit between the UK and the EU on the first day of Brexit

French customs officials monitor trucks arriving from the UK in Calais.

Some two hundred trucks crossed the Channel tunnel in both directions last nightAccording to sources from the Eurotunnel management company, Getlink, who specified that no vehicle was rejected due to problems with the new documents on the first day after Brexit.

“All had completed the formalities correctly and no truck was rejected due to errors in their documents,” said a company spokesman on Friday.

In addition, the first passenger train from London it left the tunnel at 10:05 local time (09:05 GMT) without noting any major inconveniences, the source added.

The document controls They are made in the position where the security personnel were previously. There are the so-called Brexit agents, dedicated solely to the task of verifying the registration data and dates of the documents that will be digitally transmitted to the customs services.

Other customers have subscribed to a virtual service and fill in their information before starting the journey, so it is only necessary for the cameras to detect the license plate so that the information is automatically transmitted to customs. There have also been no incidents in the ferry truck traffic.

This afternoon, the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clement Beaune, and the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, Olivier Dussopt, visit the towns of Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais, to go to the ports of both cities and to the Eurotunnel in the first day of the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU).

In his traditional New Year’s Eve speech, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, He pointed out on Thursday that behind the exit from Brexit there have been “many lies”, and defended that “the United Kingdom is still our neighbor, but also our friend and our ally.”


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