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Camilo Echeverry spoke about imitators in Yo me llamo, from Caracol Televisión

Camilo He has not been oblivious to the success of the contest or the participants who have presented themselves showing off their mustache and style.

Therefore, about them and about being a reason for imitation in Colombia, he said:

“Very cool. It makes me feel very proud, but not only the imitations… I go more towards the side of inspiration. That my music, that my sound, that my songs, that my identity, that my person inspires other people to pursue theirs is something that fills me with pride and satisfaction ”.

The singer-songwriter, who recently won four awards Latin GrammyHe said that those kinds of tributes made him feel very happy: “If there is someone who imitates me, great”.

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Camilo emphasized the best that happens to him with the public:

“The greatest pride is that people meet me on the street and tell me: ‘Hey, Cami, you know something, I’m making music and I dedicate myself to this because I saw you and I said … it seems, if this man can , I may’. That makes me feel the proudest thing in the world ”.

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And is that some of the contestants who have come to ‘My name is‘, as in the case of the most recent edition, where the singer-songwriter Julián Díaz, who left such good feelings in the juries that even Amparo Grisales told him that he sang “better than the original”.

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However, although none of his imitators advanced to the final rounds of the show Camilo confessed that he “flattered a lot”.

Camilo delivered his statements at a press conference regarding the two concert dates that he will have in Bogotá this week.

The artist managed to sell all the tickets for the two presentations, on December 9 and 10 at the Movistar Arena, and chatted with the media before meeting his fans.


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