Can the city of Marseille sell the Vélodrome?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Benoît Payan, the mayor of Marseille, announced Wednesday during an exchange with internet users that he wanted to sell the Vélodrome, the stadium of the Olympique de Marseille.

THE QUESTION. Too expensive. This is the conclusion of Benoît Payan, the PS mayor of Marseille, on the iconic Vélodrome stadium in the city of Marseille – more than 67,000 seats. During an exchange with internet users on February 3, the councilor took a position: ” I want to sell [le stade] because it costs us too much money. I want to sell it because it’s a financial mess. “Before adding a layer:” I will if I find a buyer. And I will manage in the months, the years to come to find a buyer. The stadium is no longer possible. Niet, finished. Fifteen million euros from the pockets of Marseillaises and Marseillais for thirty years, finished. »

Olympique de Marseille currently pays rent of around 5.5 million euros per year for the operation of the stadium – not counting the variable part linked to ticketing, zero this season, due to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19. In its 2013 report, the regional chamber of

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