can we consider deconfinement in the coming weeks in Belgium? Yves Van Laethem’s response

For Yves Van Laethem, we will have to wait a little longer to consider reducing the containment measures in our country: “Belgium is now reaching around 450 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per fourteen days”, he begins. “I think we would still like to have much better results. That is to say of the order of a hundred. At the speed we are going, we will still need a few weeks to arrive at these types of figures ”.

Some of our neighboring countries, such as France or Great Britain, are however heading towards deconfinement. Why not in Belgium? “It is true that we are somewhere in the same figures as Holland for example, or Great Britain. We are better at the moment than France ”, he explained to Simon François.

“So we can see if our authorities will allow certain places at much lower risk, where we have not had particularly clusters so far, can reopen. We are thinking in particular of stores under very specific conditions, or meetings with few people at a time, ”Van Laethem concluded.


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