Canadian Schnur’s complaint against Nadal and Federer

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The controversy is served at the Australian Open. The organization’s decision to proceed with the previous rounds despite
the complicated conditions derived from the fires that ravage the country
, which have caused even abandonments such as Dalilia Jakupovic, has made several players raise their voices

One of the toughest has been the Canadian Brayden Schnur, number 103 in the world, who in addition to attacking the organization criticized two heavyweights of the circuit such as Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal for not defending the lower ranking players in the previous one.

«This has to come from the best players. Roger and Rafa are a bit selfish in thinking about themselves and their careers, ”he told AP. «They are near the end of their career and are thinking about their legacy. They are not thinking about sport and trying to do something good for sport. Roger and Rafa need to influence the conditions in which we play »

Schnur said that on the track he felt too much “dryness” in his throat and that the conditions “were not one hundred percent normal. The organization tried to push us to the track because we played the previous one ». .


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