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Apple Watch unlocking the Mac has always been the most useful and must-have feature on the Mac, even faster than Touch ID.but often changingnew iphone Or after the new Apple Watch, this function will be so funny that there is no way to turn it on, and the message “Your Mac cannot communicate with Apple Watch” keeps popping up. Whether it is restarting or switching the “Relay” function again, there is no solution. This problem is very annoying, what should I do?

Simple solution to Apple Watch can’t unlock Mac problem

In fact, as long as the following steps are used, you can easily solve the problem that Apple Watch cannot unlock Mac, follow us to operate!

Step 1. Open “Keyring Access” and turn on “Show Hidden Items”

Please search for “Keyring Access” with Spotlight first, or find the “Keyring Access” app from the “Macintosh HD” > “Applications” > “Utilities” tab.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

After enabling Keyring Access, click “Show Hidden Items” in the “Show by” list in the upper left corner.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

Step 2. Search for “Auto Unlock” and delete all items

Search for “Auto Unlock” in the “Keyring Access” app, then select all the items found in the search, and delete them directly.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

Step 3. Search for “AutoUnlock” and delete all items

Search for “AutoUnlcok” again in the “Keyring Access” app (there should be no space between the two English words), and delete all the items found by selecting them.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

4 new files are automatically regenerated after deletion.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

Step 4. Open the “Resource Library” and enter the “Sharing” folder

Then open Finder, hold down Option, and click the “Go” item list in the upper left corner to enter the “Library”.

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Apple Watch Unlock Mac

Delete 2 files in “Library” > “Sharing” > “AutoUnlock”.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

Step 5. Turn off “Relay” on Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch and restart

After completing the above steps, from the bottom of the “System Preferences” > “General” page on your Mac, uncheck “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your icloud device”, then restart power on.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

On the iPhone’s “Settings” > “General” > “AirPlay and Handoff” page, turn off the “handoff” function, and then turn it on again.

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Apple Watch Unlock Mac

On the Apple Watch, go to the Settings > General > Relay page, turn off the Relay function, and then turn it on again.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

Step 6. Turn on “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and Mac”

After restarting the Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch, please turn on the “handoff” function of the iPhone and Apple Watch, and finally go to the Mac and check the “Allow handoff between this Mac and your icloud device”. ” can be used.

Apple Watch Unlock Mac

The first time it usually pops up the Unable to connect window, but after a few tries, it will be successful. Congratulations, your Apple Watch is unlocked and the Mac can be used normally again!

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