Capcom plans 25th anniversary releases of Resident Evil

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Mexico City / 06.01.2020 17:05:05

It was in nineteen ninety six when the video game known in the western world as the first came to light resident Evil, created by the Japanese company Capcom, which over the years became a successful franchise that includes not only several titles on different consoles, but also movies, novels, manga and collectibles, being one of the most popular video games in the world.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, which will be celebrated in March 2021, Capcom announced through its official website that for the next year it plans to make a Resident Evil release series, although he did not specify if it is a new title, despite the fact that the voices that number 8 will come out are becoming more constant.

“We are studying licenses, focused on the 25th anniversary from the Resident Evil series (March 2021) and the product development of the latest title, Resident Evil 3. We are looking forward to planning campaigns and products that can take advantage of the Resident Evil world, ”read on the website.


On the other hand, it will be next June 10 when a momentous announcement centered around the Resident Evil universe, after Capcom released the remake of Resident Evil 2 last year, while earlier this year it also released Resident Evil 3.

That announcement is expected to be precisely around what is planned for the franchise’s 25th anniversary, which for example also comprises a total of six films, all starring the Ukrainian actress. Jovovich mile.



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