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BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Created by Thierry Faber, Eric Lamhène and Christophe Wagner, “Captains”Is the first Luxembourgish series to be broadcast on Netflix and follows Inspector Luc Capitani, who arrives in a town that keeps many secrets in order to clarify the mysterious death of Jenny Engel, a young girl of just 15 years old.

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For this mission, he requests the support of the local agent, Elsa Ley, in order to learn the truth behind the terrible appearance of the adolescent’s body in the forest of the region. Before long, they both find themselves caught in a web of lies, secrets, and deceptions.

As the town organizes to search for Tanja and suspicions fall on the twins’ stepfather due to his subsequent suicide, Captains analyzes suspicious alibis, lies, and local political dramas.

Tanja Engel reappears, but her explanation is not clear and she worries her friends with her strange behavior. After finding footprints that led him to a chalet in the middle of the forest, Capitani and Elsa try to find out what role this place plays in the drug network that exists in the town. Meanwhile, Manon Boever seems to have more to do with the case, as does Mike Engel.

The twins’ stepfather committed suicide by not being able to protect them (Photo: Netflix)


Despite Luc’s efforts to find the culprit, the town insists on hiding their secrets. However, when Capitani is about to give up, a clue helps him discover the truth about the twins and about the death of one of them.

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He first discovers that three members of the local military base, Steve, Frank and Jerry, are involved in the transport of drugs from the Czech Republic and in Jenny’s death. When Elsa finds him, she is seriously injured, while Frank and Jerry end up dead.

After being arrested and exposed by his girlfriend, Elsa, Steve confesses that that night Jenny followed them to the cloister cabin, where Mick was organizing a party. When the young woman sees her father committing evil acts, she tries to flee the place, but is pursued by the military, in the midst of the confusion, she falls down a ravine and dies. To prevent the police from linking them to the matter, they move the body and hide their tracks.

Luc searches for Manon for a last interrogation and she reveals Mick, but before the detective unmasks the twins’ father, he confesses his guilt after receiving a mysterious message. Mick says that in the middle of an argument he pushed his daughter down the ravine.

Captains He doesn’t understand why he confessed right then, so he looks to Tanja for answers. The young woman confirms part of the version that Frank gave, but also reveals that she is actually Jenny and that it was she who pushed her sister after an argument.

When he leaves the house of Nadine and her daughter, Luc prefers not to reveal his discovery, in addition, he is arrested for refusing to testify against Sofia.

The young woman who died in the forest is Tanja and was pushed by her sister (Photo: Netflix)
The young woman who died in the forest is Tanja and was pushed by her sister (Photo: Netflix)


The first season of “Captains”Left several questions that must be resolved in a second installment, which has already been confirmed and will begin shooting in March 2021, also under the direction of Christophe Wagner.

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Why did Mick confess at the time? Who was he trying to protect? Where is Sofia? What will happen to Luc after his arrest? What will happen to Jenny and her mother? What will Elsa do after recovering? What other secrets does this town hide? These are some of the questions that remained pending.

Will Elsa continue the investigation while Luc is in prison?  (Photo: Netflix)
Will Elsa continue the investigation while Luc is in prison? (Photo: Netflix)


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