Carla Bruni reveals adorable photos of her daughter on the occasion of her birthday

Carla Bruni’s daughter celebrates her 9th birthday

The daughter Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, Giulia, blew out her 9th candle on Monday, October 19. On this occasion, her mother unveiled beautiful photos of the little girl on Instagram.

“Happy birthday to? the love of our life, thank you for these 9 years of happiness ”, wrote Carla Bruni in the caption of her publication. In order to celebrate her granddaughter with dignity, the singer has published a video and five pictures of the child. In the video, Carla and Giulia are playing in the garden and the Beatles song “Julia” can be heard in the background.

Then, we can see pictures of the little girl hugging her mom and dad. Finally, Carla Bruni posted photos of her daughter doing the gym and playing on a portable console. These unprecedented snapshots delighted Internet users. In less than 24 hours, the publication of Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife had collected more than 39,000 “likes” mentions.

Many people took the opportunity to wish the child a happy birthday in the comments. “Happy birthday to your princess. Our children help us grow. They change our priorities and get us through difficult times, ”wrote one subscriber. “The photo with her daddy is wonderful. Happy birthday Giulia ”, said another net surfer. “What a love of a little girl. Happy birthday, ”adds a subscriber.

Famous parents

In an interview with Paris Match earlier this month, Carla Bruni had made some confidences about her daughter. “She is aware of who we are, her father and me. And she digests things very quietly. It’s not easy to find yourself at school with names that everyone knows (…). But there are also advantages to being the children of famous people. There are doors that open, people who admire us. We are familiar to everyone, so people are not suspicious. I try to make Giulia understand that the main thing is that we are there for her and that we love her ”, declared Carla Bruni.

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