Carla Giraldo faced Alicia Machado in ‘Masterchef’, according to Vea

The publication, which did not reveal its source, claimed that the “strong disagreement” of Carla giraldo it was with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Just as the actress has not referred to what was said by Vea, the former queen has also kept silent; the channel that broadcasts the cooking contest, which in past versions was won by celebrities like Piter Albeiro, has not commented on anything either.

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Why did Carla Giraldo clash with Alicia Machado in ‘Masterchef’?

The media asserted that the situation, apparently, was due to the attitude of the ex-queen with part of the RCN program staff, off camera.

“They say that Carla confronted the Venezuelan and demanded respect, because it is rumored that on several occasions the former Miss Universe did not treat people with makeup in a pleasant way, something that the actress could not bear,” the magazine published.

This information has taken some by surprise, as many of the celebrities on the program have seen good camaraderie and have even formed groups like ‘las 4 babys’.

It should be remembered that Carla Giraldo was one of those who stole the ‘show’ in the first chapters of the 2021 edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, but not because of fights, but because was listed as ‘the spicy’ of the current season and by a preparation of beans, for which he apologized to Medellín, his homeland.

Apart from her, another of the most talked about of the first episodes of RCN’s ‘reality’ was Marbelle, as she starred in several of the memes of the weekend and that also included ‘la Peliteñida’.


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