“Carlos Portaluppi’s Gastric Balloon Journey: A Revolutionary Weight Loss Tool”

2023-06-01 00:08:28

Carlos Portaluppi said that he had a gastric balloon to lose weight: “It is a physical and emotional change”

Carlos Portaluppi He owns an extensive artistic career. The actor was part of some of the most outstanding productions on the big screen and also on the tables. On Argentine television he was part of hits like Vulnerable, Gasoleros, Epitaphs, Stolen Lives and El Marginalamong many others.

His great work led him in 2021 to receive the Konex Award for the best television actor of the last decade in Argentina, an emotional recognition of his enormous career. However, while his professional life is going very well, in his personal life he had some complications over the years due to being overweight.

These days, Portaluppi is celebrating a great achievement and that is that he was able to deal with his health problem. For this reason, he was invited to Nosotros a la mañana (El Trece), where he reviewed his career and told about the surgery he underwent.

A few months ago, the actor had revealed that he was taking care of his health and that he was very happy about it. Now, he confided that he underwent an operation in which he had a gastric balloon that helped him lose weight. “I had a considerable drop, it was 20 kilos. This was helped by the gastric balloon that I implanted in November of last year. I was accompanied by a medical team that took care of me and with psychological and nutritional support”revealed the artist.

Carlos Portaluppi with Nicolás Furtado when they worked together on El Marginal 2

“I also returned to physical activity after more than 20, 25 years, doing absolutely nothing. What impacts me is actually the change that is generating me physically, emotionally. There is a job that is still a long way to go, but it was a very good tool for me for various reasons of a personal and family nature,” he added excitedly.

In addition, the actor admitted that he decided at the time not to have gastric bypass surgery “due to a traumatic experience of my younger brother.” “This tool helped me get through the fear and to think that there was another possibility to be able to change my condition. I was already having problems in the joints, in the knees, due to the weight that was not letting me move well”, added Carlos Portaluppi.

“The gastric balloon is a novel instrument that is zero invasive, that does not require surgery, does not require anesthesia. It is a tablet, the size of ibuprofen, that you take, it is attached to a catheter, it is positioned in the stomach and they take an X-ray ”, he recounted.

“Once it is checked that the capsule is well positioned, physiological solution is injected, it is inflated to the size of a grapefruit, a new X-ray is done to check that it is well positioned, the catheter is removed and it remains there for four, five months, and then, for a patch, it degrades and you eliminate it”, he completed about his treatment.

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