Carmat’s first artificial hearts soon to be marketed in Europe

“Our goal is to manage to produce 10 hearts per month”, specifies on France Info Stéphane Piat, general manager of Carmat.

The artificial heart of Carmat designed by Professor Alain Carpentier will be able to be marketed in Europe. The French company that developed this heart has obtained the CE mark (European certification). “It is the result of nearly 30 years of research», Welcomed this Wednesday Stéphane Piat, Managing Director of Carmat on France Info. “Over the next few months we will focus on marketing and we will focus on Germany, which holds more than 40% of the market, and France.», Adds the director. The latter specifies that the Carmat core could be sold in Europe and in a dozen other countries which accept the CE marking.

The production lines of the artificial heart are on the way. “It takes two and a half months to produce a heart. Our goal is to reach 10 per month», Indicates Stéphane Piat.

«These hearts are for people with advanced heart failure“, Adds the director, those who are waiting for a heart transplant and there are more and more thanks to medical advances.

Towards social security coverage

As for the reimbursement of hearts by social security, Stéphane Piat is hopeful, especially since “it will be more profitable to implant a heart than to keep patients with heart failure in the hospital“. The cost of these hearts is confidential but it is “higher than 150,000 euros“Advanced.

The commercialization of the artificial heart Carmat comes even before the clinical trials are finished since seven patients still have to be implanted to complete the pivotal study, indicates the radio.

Listed on the stock exchange for ten years, Carmat carried out its first implantation on humans in 2013. But between 2013 and 2016, five deaths – some of which were caused by failures of the prosthesis – darkened the trajectory of the company, scrutinized up close by public opinion and the media. Its stock market history reflects the trajectory of the company. After having climbed to more than 130 euros at the end of 2013, his title ended the session at 29.40 euros.

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