Carolina Cruz showed, in underwear, the changes of her body due to pregnancy

The Colombian presenter, who is expecting a baby with actor Lincoln Palomeque, showed her pregnancy in her underwear. Photo: networks

The presenter of ‘Día a Día’ and former vice queen of the National Beauty Contest, Carolina Cruz, is waiting for her second child, Salvador, in a pregnancy in which she has had to be taken under high care due to the health complications she has had when it comes to being a mother.

A problem with your uterus has made you have to be under rest and without doing much effort for your health and that of your baby. After having Matías, her first child, Carolina lost her second baby, a situation that made her chances of being a mom again difficult.

On February 9, the businesswoman also updated her followers about her pregnancy, showing the change in her body due to waiting for Salvador. In the collage, she showed photos from May and June last year, in which she was not pregnant. Along with them, she presented her current figure in underwear and covering her breasts with emoticons.

“Today in the morning I took the photo on the left, the other two are from May and June of last year in the middle of the pandemic”, He started the caption, which would justify the publication by hateful comments he received by direct message on Instagram.

“I decided to upload this change today, after reading a direct message where a mother of two children told me that I was very fat (I have almost 20 kilos on top and my pregnancy has been to stay very still) and ugly, in addition to being believed and unbearable (Obviously I don’t know her, no idea where I get that conclusion from, it’s okay to think many things but express them …). That with good reason she was not a friend of every person ”, The businesswoman also asserted.

In addition, he confessed to looking at the profile of the aggressor to see her physically. “When I entered her profile I could not see the photo of her with her two children because it is private, I could not expect less from someone who is hiding to launch destructive criticism”, she continued, before celebrating her pregnancy and her new fitness.

Carolina Cruz's Instagram post.

Carolina Cruz’s Instagram post.

The presenter said she had never been “So skinny and so scratched from exercising” in previous months. However, today she is happy to be able to enjoy her pregnancy and achieve her dream: “To be a mother of two cute dolls that God gave us to be our company always.”


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