Caroline Tensen apologizes for ‘beautiful woman’ Nikkie de Jager | Entertainment

In RTL-show Who am I? the aim is for candidates to guess which famous Dutchman is on the sign. At rapper Donnie was that YouTube star and transgender Nikkie de Jager. “Am I a woman?” He asked his fellow candidates.

And while his fellow candidate Tijl Beckand immediately agreed with that question, according to presenter Caroline Tensen it is difficult to answer that. “Yes, that was just a thing: no man, no woman? It is of course a woman! Yes, it’s a woman, isn’t it? ”


“In response to the Who am I?Last night’s broadcast I of course immediately contacted Nikkie de Jager ”, Tensen writes on Instagram, after the vlogger had announced on her page that he was not happy with the comments.

“I told her I certainly didn’t mean to hurt her and I sincerely apologized. She responded very sweetly and I am grateful to her for that. In this way I learned a bit more about the sensitivity of this specific subject. ”

The RTL presenter concludes her message with: “Thank you dear Nikkie, you are a wonderful woman! We had already solved this together, but now also for the outside world! ”

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