Carrefour surprises its customers with the mattress of their dreams

The rest It is one of the most important needs for the human being, to maintain a healthy sleep habit It helps us face everyday life with more energy, in addition to helping us fight illnesses or possible injuries. These factors are very easy to meet, especially if you have a mattress that adapts to the contour of your body and allows you to enjoy a optimal sleep quality for your organism.

In the home section of Carrefour You can find a wide variety of items that stand out for their great value for money. During this month of August, the French supermarket chain has decided to reduce one of the high end mattresses of the Pikolin brand near a 65%.

The mattress that will help you sleep every night from Carrefour

The Pikolin Infinity is considered as one of the mattresses more comfortable currently available on the market. This individual mattress has measures of 90 x 190 cmhas the Normablock technologyexclusive to the Pikolin brand, based on the most advanced Z-shaped continuous wire spring system on the market that offers the the firm and adaptation necessary for a complete rest.

Pikolin Infinity mattress of 90 x 190 with which you have been dreaming so much

In addition, with its padding technology Viscofoam you will have a extra soft comfort allowing air to pass continuously during rest for better perspiration, thus avoiding humidity. Thanks to its layer that combines athermal fiber with polyester fiber, it guarantees a high level of breathability.

Features revolutionary Normablock technology

With this Pikolin Infinity mattress and its innovative technologies, you will have a healthy position of the back, since most of the springs are located in the zona lumbar, favoring the recovery of the muscles and the spine. On the other hand, the longitudinal union of its rows of springs offer a greater stabilityisolating the movements that each person generates when sleeping.

A mattress that will last you a lifetime, thanks to the continuous wire springs offering a increased durability in the useful life of the mattress by not integrating knots in the springs together with a heat treatment applied to the entire core. In addition to providing you with a high quality sleep thanks to the fact that it does not contain any internal barrier with the aim of promote ventilation in order to help you sleep through the night.

The Pikolin Infinity mattress is the solution to all your problems with rest, once you try it you won’t know how you could have lived your whole life without it. In addition, during this month of August, Carrefour has thrown the house out the window, and has reduced 65% this mattress with an original price of 949 euros. So now you can get this Pikolin Infinity for just 339 euros, at any French supermarket establishment or on its own website. In addition, shipping is free, as is the removal of your old mattress.

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