Case Filed against 3000 people regarding Vizhinjam police station attack case Police filed a case against 3000 people in Vizhinjam conflict

Thiruvananthapuram: Vizhinjam Police Station Attack Case: The police registered a case against 3,000 people who were known to have been involved in the Vizhinjam conflict. This is in the incident of attacking the police station. No one, including priests, has been named as an accused. A case has been registered under the charges of rioting, attacking the police station, attempt to kill, holding the policemen hostage, obstructing the operation of the police and destroying public property.

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In the FIR, it has been stated that the clash caused a damage of Rs 85 lakh and threatened to burn the police inside the station if the detainees were not released. It is also recorded that he uttered obscenities. At the same time, four protesters who were arrested as part of the strike were released on bail by the station. The four people who were arrested were released to free Selton, who was arrested first. The conflict broke out yesterday when they came with a demand to release them. Meanwhile Selton was remanded. 36 policemen were injured in the attack on the police station. Two people are seriously injured. Four vehicles including SP’s and two KSRTC buses were vandalized. Protesters including priests and journalists have been injured.

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There is a van police presence in the Vizhinjam coastal area, around the police station and in the harbour. An all-party meeting will be held today for peace efforts in Vizhinjam. It is reported that ministers will also participate in the meeting.

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