Cases of damaging Oh Taeyang banner… “Hate crime for social minorities”

The banners issued by Mayor Oh Taeyang’s Mayor of Seoul have been damaged in various places in Seoul, and the police have investigated. The banner contained pledges for LGBTI people such as’same-sex marriage, anti-discrimination, full support for queer festivals’.

Damages that have been identified so far have occurred in various districts in Seoul, including Mapo-gu, Gwanak-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Dongjak-gu, Seodaemun-gu, and Gwangjin-gu. The damage is mainly done by cutting the face of Candidate Taeyang Oh, the part of the pledge, and the string on which the banner is installed.

Currently, the Mirae Party has brought a prosecution to the competent NEC and police. The Mapo Police Department is pursuing criminal suspects by collecting related evidence and requesting the forensic investigation team to investigate and checking CCTVs.

Taeyang Oh “Clear election obstruction crime… hate crime against social minorities”

An official from the Mirae Party explained, “It seems that the top line of the banner was cut or the banner itself was torn by attaching a knife to the end of the pole.”

Candidate Taeyang Oh said, “I went to the Mapo Police Station. The banner is torn badly,” through a press release distributed by the Mirae Party. “One of them struck my head. It’s the same as when I hung my photo 20 years ago at the time of conscientious objection.” Said.

Candidate Oh said, “This is an obvious crime of obstruction of elections and a hate crime against social minorities,” and said, “Investigation agencies should hold those who have committed the crime through a thorough investigation.”

Candidate Taeyang Oh has been complaining about the damages of his hate-discrimination remarks at the recent campaign site. Candidate Taeyang Oh’s’Rainbow Seoul without hate discrimination’ and’Seoul Mayor Queer Festival! Let’s do it together’ and gave a speech related to this. In the process, some people intrude into the youth field and say, “Anti homosexuality! Quier festival off!” He claimed to have advocated relief from the back. The Mirae Party sees them as supporters of Oh Se-hoon’s People’s Strength candidate.

Damage to the candidate’s propaganda facilities, such as posters or banners, is illegal. Article 240 of the Public Official Election Act (crime of obstruction of posters, other propaganda facilities, etc.) means “a person who interferes with the creation, posting, affixing or installation of posters, banners, or other propaganda facilities without justifiable grounds, or damages or demolishes them, imprisonment for not more than two years, or They are subject to a fine of 4 million won or less.”

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Additional text | Park Se-mi, who wrote this article, is a member of the Mirae Party.


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