Casio launches new version of classic watch based on Pac-Man

The watch of Super Mario Bros. de Tag Heuer It is not the only one related to videogames that has been presented recently. Casio has his own based on the classic Pac-Man and designed in conjunction with Bandai Namco, the company that owns the rights to the franchise.

This new watch is based on the Casio F-100, which was relaunched not many days ago in pursuit of nostalgia. The F-100 has all the functions of a classic watch with a stopwatch, alarm, calendar, light and front buttons below a small screen; this version of Pac-Man keeps all of them and only changes aesthetically.

Not only the front face of the watch is adorned with Pac-Man and the ghosts, but also the metal strap on which the labyrinth is engraved.

Now, the most important thing about these devices is the price. And regarding that, Casio has not yet spoken, but we must consider that the F-100 in its most standard version will go on sale for $ 90. The company may want to charge a little more for this watch due to its features, but it should be taken for granted that it costs as much as the Tag Heuer watch (about $ 2,000).

These watches vintage or classics, yes, they fulfill a nostalgic function and for many even aesthetics, but their operation is clearly limited compared to smart watches, in addition to the fact that you can always see the time on one of the most massive devices in society, such as the mobile phones. And despite the above, retro objects always find their place in our collections.

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