Castillo leads Fujimori with 98.2% of processed records

The National Office for Electoral Participation (ONPE), the highest body that governs the elections in Peru, confirmed this Tuesday night that the advantage between the candidates Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori has been extended to more than 100,000 votes of fair difference when 98.2% of the electoral records processed have been exceeded.

The candidate Castillo, from the Peru Libre National Political Party, has the support of 50.31% of the votes, while his opponent from the right-wing Fuerza Popular party, Keiko Fujimori, has 49.68% of the votes.

The leftist candidate has until the most recent count 8,676,951 votes against 8,569,672 for the conservative candidate, which for the first time since the vote count causes a difference of more than 100,000 votes.

While the advantage among opponents continues to expand, allegations of fraud by Fujimori’s party have emerged, while international organizations and the electoral body itself have endorsed the neatness of the electoral process.

The candidate Pedro Castillo has continually called for calm and waiting for definitive results before celebrating the victory. Likewise, he has asked political spokesmen for prudence to avoid confrontation in the streets as a result of the tense wait since the elections were held last Sunday.

Peru’s electoral campaign was marked by the polarization between the two opponents who went to the ballot, in a country with a cracked credibility in its institutions and in its political leadership.

The winner of these elections will have the hard work of trying to rebuild institutions plagued by corruption that saw four presidents pass in less than two years.

“What has become clear is that Fujimori has not changed. It continues to be the same, with the same attitude of 2016 of not recognizing the results of the elections, ”Daniel Salaverry said for the Somos Peru party in statements to journalists after meeting with Castillo.

“We are going to be vigilant because the attempts of Fujimori and the dark forces to break the popular will are still latent. They are going to fight until the last minute, here they are not only playing the Presidency, they are playing their criminal proceedings, many of them extremely complicated, “he added.

If Fujimori wins, the daughter of the former president would evade during the time of his mandate an accusation of more than 30 years in prison for alleged money laundering in the irregular financing of his previous electoral campaigns where he also remained at the gates of the Presidency , both in 2011 and 2016.

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