Catalina Estrada, head of “Encanto” beyond cinema

This illustrator and print designer was hired by Disney to spread the magic of the film outside theaters, so she created a series of drawings applied to collectibles.

Catalina Estrada says that foreigners will see in

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Catalina Estrada says that foreigners will see in “Encanto” a nation full of color, magical realism, folklore and life. / Private file

How have you established yourself in the field of design and illustration?

I am an illustrator and print designer. In 1999 I went to live in Barcelona, ​​from where I had the opportunity to work for major brands around the world and where my work was recognized by the largest publications in the world of design and illustration.

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Where does the inspiration for your work and your technique come from?

My main source of inspiration is, without a doubt, nature, although I also draw on the memories of my childhood in Colombia, its towns, its folklore, its music and the joy of its people.

How did Disney and “Encanto” come into your life?

Earlier this year I was contacted by Disney to create a series of illustrations inspired by the movie Encanto, which in turn is inspired by Colombia. For me it was something very exciting, because I was just returning to live here, in my country, after 22 years that I was based in Barcelona.

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What is this new campaign illustrated by you and inspired by the movie?

The idea is to extend the presence of the film beyond movie theaters, throughout the Colombian territory through these illustrations that will be applied to exclusive collections of consumer products.

What memories do you have of Disney productions during your childhood and what is your concept of them now?

I grew up watching Disney movies and they have always been a great reference for me in the creation of universes, in the management of emotions, color, fantasy, light and beauty. Today they are still a benchmark for my profession.

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After watching the movie “Encanto”, how do you see the representation of Colombia and the inhabitants of this country in this animated film?

I find the way in which it is inspired by nature, colors, animals and all the folklore of Colombia is a moving beauty. It is a lively tribute to the essence of our country.

How do you think foreigners are going to perceive Colombia and its traditions after seeing the Disney movie?

I believe that people who are not Colombians are going to see a nation full of color, wonderful exuberance, magical realism, folklore and life.

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What do you think of the rise of Colombian artists in different disciplines standing out all over the world?

I think it’s great. We are a country with a lot of talent and wonderful people standing out in all areas and disciplines, that speaks well of the country and makes a real representation of who we Colombians are.

What message would you give to those who want to dedicate themselves to illustration and art?

It has always been difficult for me to give messages and advice, because what works for some … may not work for others. That is why I believe that there are no universal laws for success. Except having patience and working hard, as Picasso said: “if inspiration comes, let him find you working.”

What’s next for Catalina Estrada in 2022?

For 2022 there are many exciting projects and very interesting collaborations coming.

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