Brain drain on Facebook because of the hoaxes

Facebook is a huge courtyard where its users live deceived: they thought that everything that happened there remained. That they could tell their adventures far from the eyes of others. That they were protected. What a paradox; That virtual building that promised to improve their personal relationships has ended up mistreating reality. As he became … Read more

video of how it sounds when closed

RAZR (2019), the Motorola folding The foldable Motorola RAZR remains the phone that attracts the most attention in this new and futuristic segment. It is not for less. Far from the concept of “notebook” presented by the proposals of Samsung and Huawei, the terminal revolutionized the staff when it was presented, since it rescued the … Read more

Insufficient electric car takeoff anticipates juicy discounts for 2020

“Green” shoots, although for now, you are still dim. Sales of alternative vehicles, that is, electric, plug-in, hybrid and gas vehicles, increased their records in January by 46%, to 16,601. This increase was expected by the new European Union emissions target that has just entered into force, which requires manufacturers to significantly reduce the average … Read more