Catherine Fonck: “We must absolutely avoid an English scenario”

IDon’t miss out, this vaccine is everyone’s chance ”recalled Catherine Fonck on Jeudi en Prime (RTBF). “It’s about being as efficient as possible. The vaccination plan started a little late, it’s a bit of a failure. “

For the Federal Member of Parliament (CDH), Belgium must accelerate its vaccination strategy while the latest analyzes show the increasing presence of the British strain in Belgium. “We must absolutely avoid an English scenario, and vaccinate people over 65 at home, and therefore vaccinate even faster. The prospect is to win against the virus, and to win against the virus is the vaccine. The goal must be to vaccinate as many vulnerable people as possible as quickly as possible. “

“There was unpreparedness upstream, we have to catch up. It’s a race against time, ”she concluded.


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