Cédric Biscay, beyond the clichés

PORTRAIT – With the help of Garry Kasparov, this young Monegasque entrepreneur is struggling to democratize chess among young people. Especially through the manga.

“I loved that Garry Kasparov tell me how he beat the computer Deep Blue In chess. ” This is essentially one of the first sentences uttered by Cédric Biscay, a young Monegasque entrepreneur who has been trying for three years to democratize the “Noble game” to young audiences through manga.

In twenty years, its rise between Japan and France showed that one could create fruitful relations between two cultures however rather distant. Half businessman, half manga writer, this enthusiastic forty-something does not hesitate to give of his person to defend the publication of the second volume of his series Blitz.

While in Paris, he quickly remarked that this year, it will have been difficult to ignore the return of chess to the fore. “The coronavirus and containment clearly played a role in this wave of enthusiasm, he analyzes. But it’s not just that. The new Netflix series Queen’s Gambit a

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