Celeste Muriega, Adabel Guerrero and Maxi Diorio did an impossible trick that they tried to repeat with Marcelo Tinelli

For the sauce of three, Celeste Muriega invited to participate Adabel Guerrero and, with their dancer, they gave the jury a show full of links, cartwheels and tricks that ended up astonishing even to Marcelo tinelli.

At the end of the choreography, the conductor of The Academy 2021 he was shocked with one of the tricks in particular, which consisted of one of the members being spinning in the air. “What’s that? A flying train, a fan, a helicopter? It’s tremendous, they had incredible energy”, He expressed.

That was the foot for the dancer to invite him to try. Although he first refused, Tinelli he finally gave in and flipped through the air. “I was very tense, watch out”, He pointed out as the jury filmed him and yelled“ ten, ten, ten ”. Winking at the rugged choreography of Dan Breitman with The Chipi, the presenter observed: “It was good, but I was afraid of falling like And”.

With a dance that they classified as splendid, the team led by Celeste Muriega they achieved a total of 39 points and were established as one of the highest scoring couples of the round.


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