Economy CGT calls for strike

CGT calls for strike


The call to stop work runs for 30 days in April and aims to denounce the so-called health emergency law.

By Anne-Hélène Pommier
Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT.
Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT. MARTIN BUREAU / AFP

You had to dare. As the coronavirus epidemic worsens in the country, the CGT of public services has just filed a month’s strike notice starting in early April. It’s a habit for this federation. At the end of February, she had already called to stop work on 1er March 30 to obtain the withdrawal of the pension reform bill. The new call to stop work runs this time on the 30 days of April and aims to denounce the law called health emergency and “his anti-social measures

The threat was sent by mail Monday, March 23 – the day after the emergency health law was passed in Parliament – to three ministers: Muriel Pénicaud (Labor), Gérald Darmanin (Public Accounts) and Olivier Dussopt (Civil Service). In its letter, the CGT federation of public services denounces “The government’s choices that make it the protective masks, hydroalcoholic gels and medical tests that are missing while never military weapons of war or anti-demonstrators (LBD, gas …) are out of stock. Terrible translation of the concerns and interests of the state and the capitalists” And the CGT federation to regret that the government does not discover that now that public officials are essential.

This offensive, which comes at the height of the epidemic, and while the CGT – and all the social partners – must discuss, this Friday, the organization of work with the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has more than surprised the government. Olivier Dussopt pointed out at Parisian that this decision seems all the more incredible that the plan to reform pensions, but also the territorial reorganization of the state, were frozen.

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Potentially, this strike notice could concern all of the 85,000 members of the federation

Potentially, this strike notice could concern all of the 85,000 members of the federation, that is, the agents of the territorial public services, but also the personnel of the public and private sectors of social housing and of employees of the private sectors of water and funeral directors. .



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