Champions League (H): five positive cases of Covid-19 in Szeged, the match against Paris towards a new postponement – Hand – C1 (H) – Coronavirus

The coronavirus entered the 2020-2021 Champions League even before its first day of competition. Contacted by The team, the Szeged club confirmed on Wednesday evening that “Five major players” of its workforce tested positive at the start of the week, when it was to receive the Paris-SG on Thursday.

After the announcement of a positive case in the entourage of the Magyar formation, Monday, the European Federation (EHF) had decided to postpone the match. All members of Szeged’s team are indeed considered to be contact cases and were therefore quarantined by the Hungarian Health Agency, and therefore could not physically play a match on Thursday.

The players will only be able to end their isolation after a second negative test, the results of which will not be known until Friday. This seriously complicates, for the Magyar formation, the hypothesis of playing the match on Sunday, as envisaged by the EHF. But this is already a very important match between two of the main candidates for first place in Group A.

“An extremely high risk of injury”

And the password of Szeged

“In the best case scenario, we would have twelve to fourteen fit players on Sunday, says a Szeged spokesperson. But none of them will have had the opportunity to train this week before Saturday. We believe that playing the most prestigious game of this Champions League campaign under such circumstances would carry an extremely high risk of injury. No matter what time the EHF tells us to play, we will play. But we must take into account the risks. “

The club stresses that it has not requested a postponement because the EHF protocol does not provide for such a procedure. According to our information, the tendency would be for the match to be set for a later date, perhaps in November. Which presages serious complications in an already overloaded schedule. The EHF is expected to announce its decision on Thursday.


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