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Champions League: humiliated and eliminated in Munich, FC Barcelona receives the wrath of the press

On this Wednesday evening, at the Allianz Arena in Munich, it was not only snow that fell on FC Barcelona players. But the whole sky. In a bad position before the last day of the group stage, the Catalans were waiting for a divine sign, which never arrived. Struck 3-0 by the German steamroller, Xavi’s players can leave the stage with groggy eyes, their heads bowed. Or laughing like Clément Lenglet, caught in the act of frank camaraderie with Robert Lewandowski, the Polish executioner who was silent on Wednesday night.

No offense to Xavi, the rest goes through a humiliating play-off to reach the knockout stages of course, but in the Europa League. In memory of the Catalans, we had never seen that since the 2003-2004 season when they had failed in the Champions League, after a pitiful 6th place in La Liga. We even have to go back to the 2000-2001 season to find the last trace of a premature exit from the road in the group stage. At the time, the gunslingers were called AC Milan and Leeds United. And in the Europa League, the song had been pushed to the semi-final, eliminated by the future winner, the Liverpool of Gérard Houiller.

Just after the final whistle, the Spanish coach did not hide his terrible disappointment: “I witnessed a very harsh reality, loose Xavi. It is a sad, difficult situation. I wanted to be up to the Champions League, try to win it. But reality tells us that we are not on the level. It’s hard, but it is so. We have to face this reality. A new stage begins today. “

When he talks about the rest, he hopes that the Blaugrana will quickly raise their heads: “We must rebel. Barça’s place is not in the Europa League. The Europa League, I played it, it’s not the queen of European competitions, but you have to play it. I told the players: we are going to start a new era to restore great hopes. I was hoping to compete a little more. I feel responsible as a coach. Today is also a hell of a blow for me. We will work to find Barça that we know as quickly as possible, but things will have to be changed, that’s clear. “

Shaken too by this elimination which seemed inevitable, President Joan Laporta calls for unity: “Now, more than ever, it is time to row together in the same direction,” launched the Catalan boss at the microphone of TV3. The players tried, but it was not possible. We are sad but we must move forward to reverse this situation. “

After the sporting fiasco which continues, moreover, with a 7th place unworthy of its rank after 16 days in La Liga, it is also time for Barça to anticipate financial problems that should arise. This season, the club hoped to reach the quarter-finals to replenish the funds. What will happen after this resounding failure?

In any case, it is a hangover aftermath for Gerard Piqué’s teammates, who discover this Thursday morning, an Iberian press without any mercy for them. “Below zero”, displays Mundo Deportivo. “Sad farewell to the Champions League”, for the other Catalan daily, Sport. For Marca, it is indeed a “shipwreck” while As title on the return of Barça “in hell”.

Obviously, if in Catalonia, the mines are cut, this is not the case on the side of Madrid. On the set of “El Chirinquito”, the journalist Juanma Rodriguez seeks in vain the presence of Barça in the round of 16 with the help of a telescope, to finally find only Real Madrid. A tasty scene for White House fans…

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