Chancellery Minister Braun loses his constituency

Sobered: Helge Braun, Minister of the Chancellery, who has forfeited his direct mandate
Image: dpa

Chancellery Minister Helge Braun has lost the constituency with his hometown Gießen in the heart to the SPD applicant Felix Döring, a young teacher. The CDU politician had previously won the constituency three times.

FA big surprise in Central Hesse: Helge Braun (CDU) has not been able to defend the constituency of Gießen, which he has held for three legislative periods. The Chancellery Minister was defeated by the young SPD challenger Felix Döring, a teacher in preparatory service at a comprehensive school in the district of Gießen. The two fought a close race in which the 30-year-old Social Democrat finally had the better end for himself.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

According to the preliminary final result, Döring achieved 30.4 percent, while the constituency defender came to 29.6 percent. In the city of Giessen, the social democrat, who comes from a local community, has gained experience as a city councilor. During the election campaign, his party used the motto “The boy does it” for him.

Braun has been a member of the Bundestag since 2009 and had won the electoral district mandate in the three previous elections. In 2017 he got a good 35 percent of the vote. The doctor comes from Giessen and worked at the university hospital there. Döring and Braun did better than their parties in the constituency of Giessen. Braun heads the state list of his party, so is secure and yet has moved into the Bundestag. Regarding the performance of the Union in the federal government, he said, according to the dpa: “That hurts.” But an alliance with the FDP and the Greens is possible.

Runoff elections for OB and district administrator posts

The eligible voters in the city of Gießen were also called upon to elect a new mayor. The post of district administrator is also an option. In both cases there will be a runoff election. In the city, Frank-Tilo Becher (SPD) meets Alexander Wright (The Greens), who overtook CDU applicant Frederik Bouffier in a final sprint. Defending champion Anita Schneider (SPD) and Peter Neidel (CDU), previously mayor of the CDU in Giessen and voted out of office by the Greens, are competing for the office of District Administrator. Regardless, the Kreis-Greens signaled their support in the second round.


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