Change of category? The unusual confession of Germán Martitegui that would change his life forever

German Martitegui is one of the juries of “MasterChef Celebrity“, With Damien Betular Y Donato de Santis. The chef always kept a low profile, but after the success of the reality show he was forced to open social networks and be active in them. After this new stage of the jury, his fans have seen a facet of him, unknown until now: his paternity. In this context, the chef made a unusual confession that would change his life forever. Change of category?

The evaluator has two children, Lautauro Y Lorenzo. Recently they were the center of all eyes when they shared a momentous moment in their father’s life. After cutting Lorenzo’s hair, German made a decision regarding his professional career: “Haircut. With the chicken slicing scissors. I get a hair salon soon. Lorenzo”. In a matter of hours, the publication of the media had more than 67,000 likes and 1,451 comments.

Many public figures and fans dared to give him their opinion on his new project and encouraged him to do so, arguing that the result had been very good. Will it cheer up German Martitegui to change category? However, this information is not the only one that surrounds the cook in recent times. During the first edition of the contest, he had an approach with one of the participants, Vicky Xipolitakis.

During different instances of the contest, the jury and the contestant seemed to connect. However, this connection ended with a cut of Vicky’s face in the middle of the program. During an intense return, as Germán’s usually are, the star got angry and told him bluntly that if he had something to say to her, he should say it directly. He replied in an unexpected way: “He who knows how to eat, knows how to wait.”

To which Xipolitakis answered bluntly: “Germán throws sticks at me since this program started, I already cut off, he missed the train.” Recently, the model went to “Cortá por Lozano” and spoke about Martitegui: When I said ‘I got here because love is not begged’, he was freaking me out. He threw sticks at me and I played a bit difficult. Then the program was over. Someday when it happens we’ll see what happens. There were some messages in between but as it takes so long to answer ”.

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