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This Wednesday, January 6, during the beginning of the sessions of the US Congress to officialize the electoral victory of Joe Biden – and, with it, make the Democrat take ‘his first step’ as the new president of that country – , an enraged pro-Trump mob went from protesting outside the Capitol building to taking over the compound by storm.

The chaos was of such magnitude that the participants of the session, among them the current vice president, Mike Pence, were evacuated. In fact, the session resumed at dawn this Thursday, confirming, around 3:40 am Colombian time, the official triumph of the Biden-Harris formula.

Hundreds of images of the rugged event went around the world. Today, for example, there is talk of the ‘horned man’ who led the brief seizure of the Capitol, in addition to many alleged sympathizers of the current president who just entered to steal.

Another scene was even more chilling: the moment when the security forces shot at one of the people who entered the compound. The woman died.

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The facts

Wednesday was an unprecedented day for American democracy. World leaders have said it. Even Biden. Even Trump himself had to accept the existence of unbridled violence on the part of the protesters.

That day hundreds of people forcibly entered the Capitol facilities. Ashli ​​Babbitt, a veteran of the United States Air Force, traveled from California to Washington to join the demonstration in favor of Trump who alleged (alleges) an alleged electoral fraud.

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Robert Contee, head of the uniformed corps that protected the Capitol, indicated, during a press conference, that “the police confronted the protesters and, at one point, one of them used his service weapon.”

That shot hit the neck of Babbitt, who, according to media such as ‘Wusa 9’, was breaking the glass in part of the building.

“After the shooting, she started to say ‘okay, calm down’. Then she started to move a little weird, blood was coming from her mouth, neck and nose and she no longer knew if she was alive or dead“One of the witnesses told the aforementioned media.

Several protesters broke the windows of the Capitol.

The death of the woman was recorded in a video broadcast on social networks. The entire scene, and even many of the moments of the assault on the Capitol, was filmed by a pro-Trump user identified as ‘Jayden X’. In the images, Babbitt falls to the ground and two people try to revive her. But all is in vain.

She died in a matter of minutes.

Warning: strong images

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As it became known later, Babbitt was an active person in his social networks. In his last publications, precisely, he spoke of the protest in front of the Capitol.

The ‘Kusi’ chain managed to contact the husband of the Air Force veteran. He assured that the woman was a fervent follower of Donald Trump. The couple lived in the San Diego region of southern California.

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The police gave a report of another three deceased (a woman and two men) who would have died in the vicinity of the Capitol due to “different emergencies”, although no further details were provided.



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