Chapare virus, a rare fatal disease in Bolivia, can be transmitted from person to person!

As the coronavirus rages around the world, scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made a disturbing discovery. Since 2004, Bolivia has experienced “small epidemics” of Chapare virus, a rare fatal disease caused by rats. It was first diagnosed when a farmer, then 22, died after suffering from headaches, joint and muscle pain, vomiting and bleeding. This virus is very similar to Ebola, with in particular a fever for which there is currently no treatment.

Last year, five people were infected with “Chapare”, three of them died. Today, we learn that this virus can be transmitted from man to man. “Our research shows that two hospital patients transmitted the virus to three nurses. One of these patients and two medical workers were killed, ”says epidemiologist Caitlin Cossaboom.

According to experts, the disease spreads via bodily fluids. It is therefore more controllable than Covid-19, which is a respiratory virus. A similar scenario is not, however, overlooked, the research indicates.


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