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‘Charan’ points out family violence Worse than Covid-19, suggests the prime minister is a non-violent example

‘Charan’ points out family violence Worse than Covid-19, suggests the prime minister is a non-violent example

“Violence is dangerous behavior. It is a deadly disease that eats up people who are lost to be infected. It starts from the mental system and gradually leads to behavior, speech, action, and violent problem solving. provoke a violent response It is like this all over the world.”

Special Professor Charan Phakdithanakul former judge of the Constitutional Court Introduced to discuss and exchange ideas at the P.M. Talk event. “How the new family copes with domestic violence” Organized by the Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Institutions (SorKhor.) Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MD) on the day of campaigning to end violence against children, women and family members

Special Prof. Charan said that the problem of domestic violence creates 3 negative consequences: 1. The victim besides the pain Still losing confidence in life 2. The doer has a low social and family status. because of being seen as a dangerous person which in Buddhism warns that violent behavior Ultimately, he will die alone. will live a young life that no one cares about because even those who love dearly can hurt him This is a serious product that affects all parties. and 3. Violent behavior occurs in any family, organization or society that family is considered unlucky. It is an organization that has fallen in the eyes of the people. Even the national society will be condemned by the world society. as an underdeveloped society lacking civilization of peaceful means

“If any government acts violently against the people without any reason for the necessity to do so. That government will be a government that people ignore. And this is the problem of violence. It is not limited to women, children, the elderly, or even the disabled. But it happens to everyone coping with this disease There is no vaccine or medication. Worse than COVID-19, cancer, but we don’t feel it because we haven’t experienced it yet.”

“If you are a violent person, at first you will feel powerful. Able to subdue people who are absolutely dissatisfied. But after that, when I started thinking, my consciousness and good morals returned. You will suffer with it forever. This is the severity of violence.”

Special Professor Charan Phakdithanakul, former judge of the Constitutional Court

The former Constitutional Court judge said that the United Nations emphasized this matter. Because this was the beginning of the World War. civil war war between classes war between government and people that shouldn’t be at war even religious war which comes from allowing people infected with this disease to spread In particular, allowing these people to become powerful, leader, or leader will lead the whole team into a bad, bad downturn.

However Used to think that the world war was the worst violence. But when they learned the problem together with the MPs, they found the fact that Domestic violence is the most serious and mysterious. From the love and the bond that was broken but unable to cut off the love and mourning and escape from it including the power relationships that family members have to depend on each other Importantly, there is a problem in the fence of the house. It was like a soundless explosion. Sometimes things happen in the bedroom. People outside the bedroom didn’t know. There is also a view that the husband and wife My son, my wife, don’t touch. making even civil officials who hold the law can’t help until there is a warrant from the court While the victims themselves did not complain.

Before proposing two solutions, namely 1. that people from all sectors All circles will come together. from central government executives regional administrators private sector executives as well as the public sector must recognize the problem and reinforce to help

“In this regard, leaders, executives and people who are roll models in Thai society Must be the right model If the civil servant is infected with a serious disease causing harm to people in their own home Whether it’s someone who loves you dearly People who are grateful to him can hurt them. Not to mention people like us at all. So I think the Prime Minister Violence must be strictly prohibited. because you will be a model for all government officials.”

2. Strictly enforce the law. Currently, there is the Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act BE 2550 (2007) which declares that domestic violence is a crime. Open a channel for people to see the event can notify the officer to help the victim out As for those who are infected with serious illnesses, they are taken for rehabilitation. It’s not just taking him to a prison cell. must be used in conjunction with Family Institutions Promotion and Protection Act, 2019, as well as the provision of Another copy of the Act on the Prevention of Violent Behavior and Protection of Victims of Violence Outside the Families, for example in public areas, workplaces, schools, hospitals, etc.

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Special Professor Charan Phakdithanakul, former judge of the Constitutional Court

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