Charles III: The favorite food of the British king

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Last September 8 queen elizabeth ii passed away, so his son Charles came to the throne. With the change of monarch, several customs have had to be changed at Buckingham Palace to adjust to the particularities King Carlos III, as a feed.

The chef Darren McGrady, who worked in the British house, told the Delish gastronomic platform that the King is committed to organic food.

“He usually starts the day with fruit, sometimes he skips lunch and have afternoon tea with boiled eggs and something heavier at night,” he said.

King Charles III In addition to being a lover of tea and hard-boiled eggs, he also loves cheese, which is why he is part of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association, where he actively participates. One of her favorite dishes is the cheesy baked eggs, a very tasty little egg tart with cheese.

Also, the king loves lamb with mushroom risotto. “I cooked lamb many times at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles was a foodie and was interested in organic food even before it was invented,” McGrady explained.

The organic food brand of King Carlos III

In 1990, the king founded the brand Duchy Originals, famous for its oatmeal cookies. In 2008 it had financial problems that the company had to be rescued by Waitrose Duchy Organic. Last year he got 4.1 million euros in profit.

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