Checo Pérez starts the Abu Dhabi GP fourth; Verstappen made pole with his help

Hamilton and Verstappen sentenced the F1 championship this weekend by Star + subscribe here

Red Bull won the first battle of the weekend by winning pole for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with Max Verstappen, followed by Lewis Hamilton, while the Mexican finished in fourth place Checo Pérez with a time of 1: 22.947.

Checo Pérez He had no problems getting through the first batch, as on his first attempt he was placed in fourth place and later improved his time again to finish with a 1: 23.350 enough to make the cut.

The first place in the first round went to the English Lewis Hamilton, who led with a 1: 23.266, while in the second place he placed Valtteri Bottas in the last seconds of the stopwatch, scrolling Max Verstappen to the third site.

Q2 was a direct fight between Hamilton and Verstappen. During the first minutes, the Englishman managed to take the first position in his first start with 1: 23.185 and only four thousandths slower was the pilot from the Netherlands.

While, Checo Pérez came to be placed sixth with a 1: 23.751. But with seven minutes on the clock, the man from Guadalajara was at risk of being eliminated by falling to tenth place, so they had to go out to find another turn.

The lack of a good result on the part of Checo Pérez forced Red Bull decided to bet on giving him a new set of red soft, an aspect that seemed to cover the shortcomings of the Mexican in Q2. However, the own Max Verstappen It also came out with the soft rubber.

At the end, Red Bull was made from 1-2. Verstappen timed 1: 22.800 and Checo Pérez reached 1: 23.135. A different strategy than Mercedes Y Lewis Hamilton, who was third with the yellow compound, as was Valtteri Bottas, who was sixth.

Checo Pérez ranked third in Q3 with a 1: 22.968 trailing behind Lewis Hamilton, while Max Verstappen He got more than half a second from both drivers with a 1: 22.109.

The last chance was lived dramatically, but Hamilton was unable to catch up with his title rival Verstappen and fell within .371 thousandths, while the unexpected guest on the starting grid was Lando Norris, who surpassed Checo Pérez by 16 hundredths. While, Valtteri Bottas will start from sixth position.


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