Chelsea Gray and Laia Palau already decide to play together

Laia Palau and Chelsa Gray. Having players like them is life insurance for any team that has to play an even end to a game. And Spar Girona is lucky to have both that have been decisive in ending up decanting an even match against Casademont Zaragoza in front of more than a thousand spectators in Fontajau (68-60). Spar Girona’s fifth victory in five games in this league has come in a game that, conditioned by their lack of success in attack, was on the way to drowning Girona. A triple by Tylor Wurz put the Aragonese four points ahead on the scoreboard (50-54 seven minutes from time). And that’s when Chelsea Gray has said enough. On the day of its premiere, the American escort has shown why he is one of the best players in the world and, as someone who does not want the thing, with a feeling of great self-sufficiency, has carried the team on his shoulders . Between her and Palau, they have scored 14 of Uni’s 18 points in what was left of the match in what was Chelsea Gray’s first gift to Girona fans. Many more will come. For now, today victory by 68-60.

Pity. It has been the most used word in Fontajau during the first half. With the arrival of Gray to join Palau, Eldebrink or Vasic, Uni has a lot of talent for passing the ball. Fantasy assists will be a constant but this is basketball, and you have to end up putting the ball inside the basket. The lack of success has prevented Girona from doubling before the break a Casademont Zaragoza that, becoming strong inside with the corpulent Gatling (10 points in the first two quarters), has managed to survive the few moments of constant scoring Girona: 25-18 with Sonja Vasic.

Chelsea Gray’s first “house brand” assists have aroused the first “ohs” from the audience and the frustrated faces of teammates like Resingerova, who have not shown their hands as fast as the American brain for finish the plays well. Everything will come. But, in the meantime, and with the referees taking the local parish by surprise by the divergent criteria with the 2 + 1, Casademont Zaragoza has planted at halftime winning by two points (29-31, with a final basketball from the Belgian Vanloo) .

More defense and more inside balls in Reingerova. This is Surís’ recipe when, at the beginning of the second quarter, it seemed that the game was indigestible for his team (33-39). And, at first, it seemed like it was going to work. Girona dried up the Aragonese attack for a few minutes and the Czech pivot quickly climbed to 18 points. However, more success was still lacking and, on the other hand, Zaragoza was able to find the way to the free throw line to finish the third quarter still ahead (47-49).

A Tylor Wurz triple has just set off alarms (50-54). Seven minutes from the end, Surís put Palau and Gray together and the American took responsibility by scoring five points with apparent ease. Then it was Palau’s turn: assistance to Reisingerova and four points in a row: 61-56. A Gatling basketball slowed Fontajau’s euphoria a bit, but he had already cheered and with two free throws and a new pure class entry he put a 7-point lead on the scoreboard one minute from time. In the end, 68-60.


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