Chen Shizhong is the first to wear a “Taiwan hard” mask. The scene is exposed and everyone shouts: Damn it, I want it-Life-Zhongshi News Network

The graphics and texts related to the winning point of “Lin Yang Pei” in the East Olympics badminton men’s doubles gold medal match have recently become popular and have been made into merchandise. The six people in the command center today simultaneously wore the “Taiwan Hard” series of masks to attract everyone’s attention. People are curious, why can we get the spot so quickly? Many netizens madly ask where to buy? Say “Hateful I want”!

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Taiwan’s badminton men’s doubles Wang Qilin and Li Yang were judged to be in line in the final goal of the Eastern Olympics gold medal match. This goal that determines the outcome is also called the “decisive point.” Some people move their brains quickly and immediately put the badminton court. The white line on the green background and the design of the decisive point were made into relevant graphics and texts, and they became popular overnight.

The Central Epidemic Command Center’s regular press conference this (4) afternoon, including Commander Chen Shizhong, Deputy Commander Chen Zongyan, and all wearing new “Taiwan hard” masks, and spokesperson Zhuang Renxiang, deputy leader of the medical response team Luo Yijun also wore a mask that said “Taiwan is great.” The expert panel convener Zhang Shangchun and the leader of the epidemic monitoring team Zhou Zhihao wore a mask with the pattern of Lin Yang and “Holy 筊”.

The six people in the command center put on the “Taiwan Hard” series of masks at the same time today, which are quite eye-catching. (Photo/provided by the command center)

At the press conference, six people wearing masks with the word Taiwan at the same time lined up quite eye-catching. When asked by the media, Chen Shizhong said that some enthusiastic friends made masks because our team performed very well in the East Olympics. The cards all show fighting spirit, so the command center put on this mask today to express the sympathy with the Olympic heroes.

After the press conference, the medical fan specialist “Beauty’s Good Friend” also posted a screenshot of Chen Shizhong wearing a new mask, and wrote “Why can Azhong get the spot so soon?” It caused enthusiastic responses from netizens, and they responded “I miss it too.” I know…”, “Why do you have me?”, “Don’t ask, this is confidential”, “Because he is a minister”, “Pre-deployment”, “Everyone is so fast”, “Hateful wanting”, “Taiwan is the strongest Industry distribution”.


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