CHET medical students wish to resume their classes for the development of the country

Students of the fifth year of medicine at the University of Carabobo, assigned to the Ciudad Hospitalaria Dr. Enrique Tejera, are on the verge of despair, because they want to resume their academic activities in that hospital, but they cannot do so in the face of the refusal of a small group of teachers.

Student delegates pointed out that while this is happening at CHET, their colleagues assigned to the Dr. Ángel Larralde University Hospital began their academic activities, and those from the La Morita nucleus have already passed the sixth year.

They also stated that they do not understand the position of teachers who refuse to teach, because they have been offered various alternatives to the problems they present, but they maintain their position of not starting activities.

They cited as an example that students agreed to provide transportation routes from their homes to the hospital and vice versa, so that they do not waste gasoline. They were also told that through campaigns carried out, it was possible to obtain personal protective equipment for themselves and the students, so that they are not exposed to COVID-19.

However, none of this has been taken into account by the teachers, who do not seem to care about the desire that students have to complete their studies to continue supporting the development of the country.

They detailed that in general there are 172 students who are facing this vicissitude, who represent the majority of the 65th Class of Surgeons at UC. If they do not start classes, they would be left out of the December 2021 graduating group, which is already more than a year behind.

They commented that even the professors who refuse to teach are ignoring the resolution of the Faculty Council issued on June 18 of this year, which invited to restart teaching and practical activities again in hospitals.

“Help us to help, help us to build our country.”

They added that the foundations of a productive society are born in the bosom of the university and under the tutelage of teachers committed to their work and desire to teach to train successful professionals that allow this country that needs it so much.

The students maintain that as a result of the abandonment of university spaces in the hospital and on the Bárbula campus, in the last nine months, they were victims of crime.

They thank Dean José Corado for the support they have given him so far, and ask the highest authorities of UC to join this fight for the restart of classes.

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