Children aged 12-16 can voluntarily receive the second dose of Pfizer vaccine.

Ministry of Public Health revealed that the subcommittee on the promotion of disease. It was resolved that boys aged 12-16 be voluntarily vaccinated with the Pfizer second dose. according to the wishes of parents and children

Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, MD. Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Announcement of the results of the meeting of the Immunization Subcommittee In the case of Pfizer 2 vaccination in boys aged 12-16 years, because of concerns about myocardial infarction in boys aged 12-16 years, only one injection was given first and specialists were invited. both an infectious disease pediatrician and a cardiologist Let’s review the pediatric Pfizer vaccination, which has been administered in over 100 million doses worldwide. The 3R conclusions are:

1.Real myocardial infarction actually occurs. Most occur in the second dose in boys aged 12-16 years.

2.Rare happens very rarely. at a level of a few cases per million people It is most common, about 6 out of 100,000 people, which is less than Covid-19. In children, it causes total body inflammation (MIS-C), including myocarditis.

3. Recovery Myocardial infarction with chest pain, easy fatigue, mild and self-healing, few cases are severe enough to require hospitalization. And around the world, one vaccine-related death has been reported, while recovery is as fast as 90 percent.

The meeting therefore resolved that Pfizer 2 vaccination in boys aged 12-16 years old could be voluntary. It depends on the wishes of parents and students. and not to be a requirement for admission The Ministry of Public Health will communicate information on both benefits and side effects. Emphasize on parents to monitor symptoms and communicate to the vaccination service unit to understand and act the same

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