Children with disabilities suffer violence and bullying at school

The organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has recently warned of high levels of violence Y bullying who suffer the girls Y children with disability, minors refugees and the LGBT students.

Violence and bullying experienced by children with disabilities

According to a investigation about the barriers to education what has been carried out HRW in more than 15 countries, it has been found that children, girls and the young boys they experience many forms of violence gender in the field school.

The students they often report punishments bodily, sexual exploitation, abuse Y bullying, physical violence and intimidation and teachers Y officials schoolchildrenas well as others students, are often responsible for these abuse, according to the organization.

HRW has highlighted that there are still many governments they still do not prohibit corporal punishment and they are lagging in the protection of students against sexual violence, the bullying and the violence at educational field.

“It is outrageous that students from many countries suffer violence serious at school “

Elin Martínez, Senior Researcher at rights of the child of Human Rights Watch, has stated that “It is outrageous that students from many countries suffer violence serious in school that can mark them for the rest of their lives “.

Faced with this reality, the organization has demanded the governments adopt urgently politics binding national laws that guarantee the protection of students in schools and online spaces.

Likewise, those who already have politics they must ensure that “include protections for the children who are particularly prone to abuse, including girls, students LGBT and minors with disabilities“.

Provide immediate support to students who are threatened

In their view, schools should have accessible and confidential counselors, teachers, or school officials who act as focal points for child protection and are available to provide immediate support to students who are threatened or have been victim of abuse.

They also consider that schools should connect with health centers Y child protection premises to ensure that children, girls Y teenagers who have suffered abuse are adequately heard and referred to the services of Health and of sexual health reproductive and reproductive systems, including emergency contraception and abortion when necessary.

HRW also believes that governments should ensure that schools provide sex education mandatory, scientifically accurate and age appropriate.

Continuous evaluation of the impact of measures and resources

On the other hand, the union Workers Commissions (CCOO), aware of the problem, has proposed effective conflict management, continuous evaluation of the impact of measures and resources, and the involvement of the entire educational community to prevent or address cases of bullying.

CCOO has called for the start-up of the State Observatory of Coexistence, as the area from which to analyze and prevent school violence and promote through defined actions a culture of peace that must have the precise impact on the day-to-day of the school activity, the union has pointed out.

Likewise, a evaluation rigorous and systematic that allows knowing and generalizing the best practices in a matter as complex as that of coexistence. This will require, according to the labor union, efficient coordination between the different observatories, central and regional, as well as with the municipalities.

Human resources with the ability to work to improve coexistence

The Union CCOO, therefore, it adds to the vindication of those initiatives, such as those included in the working document prepared by the Complutense University of Madrid, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, with the collaboration of some autonomous communities that affect the most urgent needs to be covered.

Likewise, within these needs, they include more human resources with the capacity to work on improving coexistence; training of the faculty on how to improve coexistence; medication equipment and resolution of conflicts at multiple levels; greater coordination between teaching teams, especially with the didactic departments; and create teams of students at the school level to improve the coexistence, as well as the development of prevention programs violence and improvement of coexistence.

Along the same lines, the sindicato ANPE has advocated reinforcing the commitment of the educative community to eradicate the bullying school through new strategies that reduce cyber bullying and the rest of violence situations that are given in the classrooms.

Eradicate violence, harassment and cyberbullying

This has been indicated by the syndicated in a statement, while indicating that it has always ensured a work environment in freedom and safety, especially this school course, where face-to-face, blended and distance modalities alternate.

In this way, the organization has highlighted that its commitment is not only against any type of violence O bullying in the classes, but also against cyber bullying, as a consequence of the increase in relations to distance by using the new technologies Y social networks.

For this reason, ANPE has relaunched throughout the State the decalogues the good use of both groups of WhatsApp, as well as the good use of social networks for the benefit of the entire educational community, aimed at promoting the integral development of students in the respect and good use of the new technologies.

It has also asked the educational authorities, institutions and associations to continue working and collaborating with the schools for eradicate any type of violence, bullying Y cyber bullying in classrooms and outside of them.


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