China: after his criticism of the regime, Alibaba founder Jack Ma resurfaces

Jack Ma, the founder of the online commerce juggernaut Alibaba who had disappeared from the radar after having publicly criticized the financial regulatory authorities in China at the end of October, has just reappeared.

The businessman with a fortune valued at 48 billion euros was seen in a video posted online Wednesday addressing teachers remotely as part of his patronage activities.

In his speech, the billionaire praised the efforts of the communist regime to eradicate extreme poverty, President Xi Jinping’s flagship project. And he said he was “more determined than ever to help education and the public good,” according to statements reported by the Tianmu News site. “China has entered a new phase of development and is progressing towards common prosperity,” he also welcomed.

Radio silence since a pike launched against the communist regime

Suffice to say that we are far from the pike launched in October against the communist regime. Small step back. On October 24, in front of an audience of entrepreneurs and politicians, Jack Ma attacked public banks in the country and called for the establishment of a “healthier” financial system.

An exit which earned him to be summoned by the authorities. And a week later, the Chinese government decided to block the IPO of Ant Group, the financial services company of the businessman who was still to report the trifle of $ 35 billion.

Since that date, no more messages on Twitter. At the beginning of January, the businessman who was to sit on the jury for a reality TV show was replaced and his name was removed from a promotional clip …

Obviously, this absence was interpreted as a takeover of the billionaire by the regime. “The Chinese Communist Party reminds that no matter how rich or successful you are, it can take everything away from you in a snap if you take too much freedom,” wrote Bill Bishop, the author of Sinocism, a newsletter in early November. Chinese news.

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Others went even further by recalling that several businessmen between 2015 and 2017 had suddenly disappeared.

In November, Li Huaiqing, a wealthy banker, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for fraud and “inciting to subvert state power.” He had accused several influential members of the Communist Party of corruption …

In the meantime, this reappearance has reassured investors. The Alibaba title rose 9% on the stock market This appearance immediately reassured the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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