China flirts with the billion internet users

The number of Chinese internet users reached 989 million at the end of 2020.

Last year was a special year for the whole world. The coronavirus pandemic obviously has something to do with it, as well as the various confinements imposed to contain it. While the health crisis has had a negative impact on (very) many sectors, it has also had positive effects, particularly in terms of pollution, but not only. In China, lockdown has prompted many to take the plunge and turn to the internet, bridging the digital divide.

This is how China now has 989 million Internet users, reports the China Internet Network Information Center. A significant number which actually represents only 70% of the overall Chinese population. This therefore means that 400 million Chinese do not yet use the Internet.

Between March and December 2020, 85.4 million additional Chinese internet users were registered. The gradual implementation of very strict confinement in several regions of the country obviously has something to do with it. Many Chinese have indeed turned to the web to place orders online or to keep in touch with their relatives.

Online shopping has thus grown significantly in recent months, with more than 72 million additional buyers.

Finally, the introduction of teleworking and online courses also played a role in the increase in the total number of Chinese Internet users.

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